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Religious culture in Bhutan


Bhutan is not only a lot of people in mind detached paradise, here is the living place for many rare animals and plants, in Bhutan, you can see many rare and endangered plants and animals on earth, this is because Bhutan restricted factors of tourism, in order to protect the natural environment and the land of peace, Bhutan to be out of tune with the outside world, Bhutan has its own way of life, The people here are also the highest happiness, so there are many people want to come to Bhutan to feel this rare happiness.

Religious culture in Bhutan

Bhutan is a complete religious country, the country's people are religious, every household will be for a shrine, the established religion of Bhutan is Tibetan Buddhism, all domestic large religious buildings in Buddhism are given priority, other religious beliefs are Hindu and Bhutan primitive religion, Hinduism accounted for only a few, however, only 25% of the population is Hindu, Other is a Buddhist and primitive religion, in Bhutan, almost every village there will be a temple or the stockade now, in the country a total of more than two thousand ancient Buddhist temples and more than one thousand stupas, so in Bhutan's ancient Buddhism also became one of Bhutan's business card, have to say that Buddhism of Bhutan also originated in China, In the Tang Dynasty, Songtsan Gampo, the king of Tibet in China, trimmed Buddhist temples in Bhutan to spread Buddhism. Therefore, today, the Bhutanese still regard Tibet as a sacred place for Buddhism, and many people go to Tibet to burn incense and worship every year.

Bhutan is a religious atmosphere rich countries, in particular, every man, so in Bhutan shall not violate the act of religion and speech, even if you don't believe these religions, nor casual comments, at the time of into the various religious temples, with no deviant behavior, not casually dressed or exposed, nor has the behavior, such as loud It is necessary to have a devout heart to enter the temple, and sitting quietly in the temple can also improve oneself greatly.

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Religious culture in Bhutan

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