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TIMKEN bearing classification

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TIMKEN Angular contact ball bearings
TIMKEN Angular contact ball bearings are designed for a combination of radial and axial loads. Single-row bearings have a high one-way thrust capacity. Some single-row bearings are specially designed for a complete two-way installation to obtain the best performance. Double row Conrad bearings can withstand thrust in both directions.
The unique geometry of the grooves and shoulders of angular contact bearings produces a ball contact angle that can withstand higher axial loads. Different designs have a contact angle range from 20° to 40°. The large contact angle can provide higher axial load capacity and longer service life under axial and radial loads.
TIMKEN Self-aligning ball bearings
Radial ball bearings use a universal design that allows relatively high-speed operation under heavy load conditions. The bearing is composed of an inner ring and an outer ring with a cage with a set of precision balls.
Standard Conrad bearings have a deep groove structure that can carry radial and axial loads in either direction. The maximum load type mainly supports radial loads.
From ultra-light to heavy series, they were offering an extensive range of sizes. Multiple protection and sealing settings help protect the internal bearing components and retain lubricant.
TIMKEN spherical roller bearings
1. Radial spherical roller bearings
Typical applications: gearboxes, continuous casting machines, aggregates, vibrating screens, conveyor belts, industrial fans, etc.
Size series and cage type: outer diameter "400 mm EJ, EM, and EMB
Outer diameter 》400 mm YM, YMB, YMD and YP
Optional features: W33 outer ring with lubrication groove and lubrication hole
W800 is specially developed for vibration applications
K Bearing bore is tapered
2. Thrust spherical roller bearings (TSR)
TIMKEN Cylindrical roller bearings
1. Radial cylindrical roller bearings
Single row, small size
Single row, large size
Single row, particular size
Double row
Four columns, small size
Four columns, large size
2. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings
TP (three-row thrust bearing)
TPS (TP, with spherical bottom washer)
TIMKEN tapered roller bearing
1. Single row tapered roller bearing
TS (pressed steel cage)
TS (cotter pin cage)
TSF (outer flange ring)
TSRB (outer ring of buckle ring)
TSK (Keyway outer ring)
TSL (with DUO face-PLUS™ seal)
TSU (UNIT-bearing™)
2. Double-row tapered roller bearing
SR (Double row right spacer combination)
SD (round inner hole)
SS (Double row buckle ring spacer combination)
TDI (Double Row Double Inner Ring)
TDO (double row double outer ring)
(Non-adjustable double-row bearing/TNA with lubrication groove/TNA with extension flange)
TNASWH (TNA with thick-wall outer ring)
TNASWHF (TNASWH with flanged outer ring)
3. Four-row tapered roller bearing
QTO (straight hole four-row combination)
TQOW (QTO with inner ring end face lubrication groove)
TQITS (four-row conical inner hole combination)
TQITSE (TQIT, inner ring with extension)
4. Advanced tapered roller bearings
DuraspexxTM & DuraspexxTM Power Standard Series
P900 Bearing
Fuel-efficient bearings

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