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Background Of The Discovery Of Phosphorus

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The first preparation of phosphorus was done by Hennig Brandt in Hamburg (a city in northwestern Germany) in 1669. He evaporated the urine and heated the residue until it became red hot, then distilled it to obtain phosphorus vapor, and then he condensed it with water To collect. Brandt kept the secrets he discovered, thinking that he had discovered the jinshi, which can turn basic materials into gold.

When he had no money, he sold the phosphorus to Daniel Kraft. He showed it all over Europe including London, and Robert Boyle was very fascinated by it. He discovered how it was made and systematically studied it. (His assistant Ambrose Godfrey established his own business, made and sold phosphorus and became rich.)
After realizing that bone is calcium phosphate and can be used to make phosphorus, its application became more widespread. In the 19th century, matchmakers ensured a ready market.

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