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America's Energy Storage Industry Actively Responds To The Negative Impact Caused By The Epidemic

wallpapers News 2020-04-17

According to reports, affected by the epidemic, it is expected that a quarter of energy storage companies will choose to lay off staff, and more than half of the companies are expected to suffer losses. The European Space Agency conducted interviews with 101 members of the department. So far this year, the epidemic has killed more than 22.000 Americans. Most companies plan and hope to retain employees while waiting for the virus to end, but they also confirmed that the shutdown and production due to the epidemic would reduce revenue and projects.

The epidemic has had a important impact on the energy storage industry. Although we still expect year-on-year growth, it is clear that our industry is directly exposed to two significant risks: labor reduction and economic loss. Now, as we enter the fire and hurricane season, states, towns, and utility companies are beginning to use energy storage systems as backup power sources to prevent power system interruptions in critical medical facilities. Reliability and resilience. Therefore, the European Space Agency is actively seeking immediate relief from Congress and the government to alleviate the financial pressure on more than 60.000 members and industries caused by the epidemic.

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