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Advantages of tungsten disulfide coating

wallpapers News 2021-11-01
Tungsten disulfide coating is used in the automobile industry, medical equipment, plastic industry, and other fields and is favored by most customers. It has brought considerable economic benefits to industries and enterprises, which is inseparable from its advantages.
Tungsten disulfide coating, tungsten disulfide solid lubrication film. It is composed of organic binder (epoxy resin) or inorganic binder (sodium silicate, etc.), and tungsten disulfide powder materials with a film agent, and then spray or brush coated on the surface of friction.
Mechanical equipment is prone to friction in use. When used in moderation, it can improve mechanical properties; When the acceptable limit is exceeded, it can cause wear and tear.
In extreme environments, including high temperatures and pressures, friction between the two components increases. In this case, tungsten disulfide coating can help reduce machine parts. Friction, and in this environment to maintain the best performance of machine parts.
Tungsten disulfide coating has the following advantages:
1.  Low friction coefficient: the friction coefficient of the coating is low, the dynamic friction coefficient is 0.03, the static friction coefficient is 0.07.
2. Help to avoid carbon accumulation: low friction coefficient helps to avoid carbon accumulation, better than PTFE, graphite, molybdenum disulfide (MOSz).
3. Deal extreme conditions: this dry film coating can withstand a load of 1000psi (load capacity equal to the substrate) with operating temperatures ranging from 460°F to 1200°F.
4. Improved service life: Tungsten disulfide helps prevent scratches, scrapes, fretting, or cold welding of components or machine parts, thus helping to reduce maintenance issues, expensive parts replacement,  downtime and other problems.
5. Compatible with most oils and greases: Tungsten disulfide is compatible with most oils and greases and maintains a hydrodynamic layer.
6. Easy to use: dry film coating is easy to use, does not need to heat curing, also does not need to bake. Can be easily applied to metal parts without any chemicals or adhesives. It does not peel off because it is easily absorbed by the matrix.
7.  Good chemical stability: tungsten disulfide is non-toxic non-corrosive and inert. It reacts with most metal substrates but cannot tolerate solvents, chlorinated solvents, and refined fuels.

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