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How Does FAG Bearing Carry Out Problem Inspection?

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FAG bearings can be removed from the oil packaging just before being delivered for routine inspection, and immersed in washing gasoline or acid-free kerosene containing 3% motor oil, rotating the outer ring and carefully washing the junction of the cage, rolling elements and raceway , It is required to thoroughly clean off the original oil stains remaining in any hidden parts.
After the FAG bearing is cleaned, the attached cleaning oil should be drained and dried on a workbench lined with a clean neutral liner, or slowly dried in a far-infrared oven. After the cleaning oil is drained and even dried or dried, the bearing ring, cage or any rolling elements shall not be rotated during the whole process. The bearings that have been dried or dried should be dripped with lubricating oil as required and delivered for inspection immediately. At this time, the outer surface of the bearing is not protected by oil wax.

During the entire inspection process, it is not allowed to directly touch the skin of human hands. The operator should wear clean gloves or apply rust inhibitor on his hands, but must avoid the rust inhibitor on his hands from being mixed into the rolling surface of the bearing, otherwise the measurement result will occur. deviation.
Before the bearing is inspected, it must be placed on a metal plate in the inspection site together with the gauge blocks, standard parts and measuring instruments used for the inspection, so that the temperature of these objects can be uniformized and room temperature quickly.

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